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Special Solutions, Ltd. is an international, industry-leading provider of Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures, Bug Sweeps, and electronic Counter Surveillance services to detect hidden cameras and eavesdropping devices.

It's Safe to talk now..We're Here.

Special Solutions, Ltd., provides expert technical, analytical and research capability for the detection, nullification, and isolation of eavesdropping devices, technical surveillance penetrations, technical surveillance hazards, and physical security weaknesses... Simply put, we hunt spies, stop espionage, and plug leaks.


Peace of mind may come cheap for one if you think that having someone wave around a hundred dollar inferior "lighted sweep device" makes you safe. Quick informal services and cost-effective corner cutting does not work in this field. Do not make the mistake by hiring a small "do-all" firm that basically takes your money and tells you that it is completely safe. For over twenty-four years, we have inherently witnessed this flagrant behavior only to abide by our mirrored professionalism, hence, only to live with a clear and sustained conscious.  We take this service very seriously---so should you. 


Special Solutions, Ltd., provides professional Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services to clients throughout the United States, in addition to  select clientele in other countries. Our expertise includes Electronic Bug Sweeps, Electronic Eavesdropping Detection, and Anti-Surveillance services for businesses, corporate executives, non-profit organizations, high net worth individuals, celebrities and private individuals.


Whether your area of concern is a business, executive residence, corporate office, private residence, vehicle, private aircraft, yacht, and other person-place-or thing, we will perform a professional Bug Sweep to detect any and all aggressive or passive illegal eavesdropping devices. Our goal is to identify your risk and exposure, and assist you in staying safe and secure with your private and business affairs. We understand privacy and confidentiality.


Are You At Risk?

Do you feel like someone is watching and lisening on you? If you fear you are a possible victim of illegal eavesdropping, or have fears that you are under surveillance, it’s very important not to ignore these feelings. To dismiss them as paranoia, or irrational fear, is simply not the right approach. We’ve experienced too many cases of spying to know that serious and credible threats do exist and should not be overlooked.


Being in denial can be costly and very damaging to your business and/or personal life. Micro recorders, covert hidden video cameras, ultra tiny microphones, micro transmitters, and other bugging devices are easy to obtain online and elsewhere thus making spying easier than ever.


You may be targeted for a variety of reasons. If you are involved in litigation your opposition may use surveillance to collect information about you for the case. Offices or places of business are often targeted and bugged to steal valuable information or trade secrets.


Often suspicious spouses plant bugs and hidden cameras in their own homes if they suspect cheating. These devices may also be used by a feuding spouse to gather evidence for a divorce proceeding or child custody case. Bugs are sometimes used illegally by businesses to gain competitive advantage, and to steal trade secrets. Of course we have all heard of unscrupulous landlords, and other malicious individuals who use these devices for their own cheap thrills.


John and his team are flown in once a month to our New York office. We could of went with local New York, firms, but we choose Special Solutions, Ltd. for a important reason--They are the best.

-George Bennet

It really shocked me when my competition placed a temp in my agency and set up a WIFI bug in the conference room.  SSL assisted me in calling the authorities and heped me settle a nice lawsuit. - Brandon S. 

Special Solutions TSCM Services are available USA Nationwide. We serve Alabama – AL, 
Alaska – AK, Arizona – AZ, 
Arkansas – AR,
 California – CA,
 Colorado – CO, Connecticut – CT,
 Delaware – DE, 
District of Columbia – DC,
Florida – FL,
 Georgia – GA,
 Guam – GU,
 Hawaii – HI,
 Idaho – ID,
 Illinois – IL, 
Indiana – IN,
 Iowa – IA,
 Kansas – KS,
 Kentucky – KY,
 Louisiana – LA, 
Maine – ME,
 Marshall Islands – MH,
 Maryland – MD,
 Massachusetts – MA,
 Michigan – MI,
 Minnesota – MN, 
Mississippi – MS,
 Missouri – MO,
 Montana – MT,
 Nebraska – NE,
 Nevada – NV,
 New Hampshire – NH,
 New Jersey – NJ,
 New Mexico – NM,
 New York – NY,
 North Carolina – NC,
 North Dakota – ND,
Ohio – OH,
 Oklahoma – OK,
 Oregon – OR, 
Pennsylvania – PA,
 Puerto Rico – PR,
 Rhode Island – RI,
 South Carolina – SC,
 South Dakota – SD,
 Tennessee – TN,
 Texas – TX,
 Utah – UT,
 Vermont – VT,
 Virgin Island – VI,
 Virginia – VA,
 Washington – WA,
 West Virginia – WV,
 Wisconsin – WI,
 Wyoming – WY, Washington, D.C. , World-Wide Services.

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